Custom made labels for all applications

MWT use's the latest state of the art laser engraving machine to produce a range of labels for all industrys.

MWT engrave a variety of Traffolyte materials, anodised aluminium & stainless steel.

We carry in stock interior / exterior grade traffolyte in a variety of colours, the most popular being:-

White / Black

Black / White

Red / White

Green / White

Blue / White.


We carry anodised aluminium sheet :-

Black / White

Red / White


We do carry other colours or can easily obtain other colours, don't hesitate to ask.


We have in stock sheets of 316 stainless steel which we laser etch with black text.


We also carry stainless steel cable markers which we laser etch suitable for marking cables.


Contact MWT or send thru a list of your requirements and we assure you of a prompt reply.


Because MWT is involved in the electrical industry, we know generally what is required with regards to labelling.

We understand that sometimes a simple item such a label is required urgently to complete & sign off on a project, so with that we can offer a very fast turn around on some labels.

MWT can also supply printed wire markers. These can be supplied on a strip ready to be inserted into sleeves, or for a little extra we can supply the wire markers already inserted in a sleeve ready for you to slip onto the wire.